Zengineer wanted to create a fun explainer video that would feature their newest services in an animated format.

With so many businesses eyeing for customer’s attention they knew they had to step away from the conventions and create a story that drew the audience in. I was brought in for my expertise in video production and storytelling. Below is a snippet of the video with audio overlay removed so no secrets are spilled before the upcoming launch!

The Solution? I interviewed a handful of their early beta testers to hear their unique stories and how the product and its services fit into their life. From there I began the process of storyboarding a story that captured many of the aspects that I had learned from the early adopters. The result was a characterized animation made with Adobe After Effects, Illustrator, and Premier. The video will be utilized across various digital touchpoints.


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  • Video Production
  • Animation
  • Storytelling
  • Adobe Creative Suite